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 “Feb. 2015 Missouri Court for Our B.A.C.A. Child Lovebug”

On the evening of Groundhog Day, 2015, not far from Annapolis, Md., Sis received a text from Strawberry Shortcake, a BACA child’s mom. It simply said…she has to be in court Wednesday.  Sis thought that’s good to go to court …at least it would only be about 2 hours away, at the most. The problem would be finding who could go from the Southern Maryland Chapter. Sis texted back, “which court and what time?” her jaw dropped when she saw the words appear… Missouri, 1 pm.In three hours :  B.A.C.A. Officers consulted, court info checked, chapters notified, requests made and confirmed, transportation and lodging set up, bags packed, cuts on, boots on the ground and swiftly moving towards meeting Lovebug in  Mo.The following report is a reflection of the pre-trial hearing held in  Missouri.This is generated from Wizards memory.The following was done with many hours of travel, many flights and numerous delays beyond our control creating little sleep.Feb.2015, Wizard picks up Frog  12:00 noon, drive to airport. Board plane 1 of 3 to  Mo.  After many delays for numerous weather reasons we land in  “Mo. that is”!!  After getting our rental car and driving to the hotel . we settled into our room, “right across the hall from Lovebug, her mom, and stepdad.  It was now going on 3:00 am.  Alarm set for 7:00am wake-up to make sure all was in place for our upcoming event.  Call was made to Ratchet president of Mid-Mo chapter who in turn took some of the load off Frog by handling all calls to respective Members and Chapters in the area of our Mission. Frog waited until 8:00am to call Lovebug’s room, letting them sleep as long as possible, “They arrived at the hotel about 9:00pm the night before, after driving straight through., keeping Frog abreast of their every move and location along the way.Frog and Wizard met with Lovebug (and parents) in the lobby of our shared hotel, where we were met with open arms, smiles and many hugs. We all departed the hotel and headed out (in one vehicle) for the start of the day with a healthy breakfast for the long stressful day ahead of Lovebug.  Frog explained, in detail with kind words, what the agenda was for our day with new BACA family introductions to come. She understood with moments of avoidance and fear but seemed to accept what was about to happen.We all returned to the hotel to meet with Ratchet and Reaper (MID-MO) where instant connections were made that clicked quickly for Lovebug, which allowed her to con Reaper into buying her a candy bar. Ratchet meanwhile was busy making her some hot cocoa. After this bonding extension of BACA family, we proceeded to our next stop to meet more members of the Mid-Mo Chapter.The hour escort to the Court House was in place after everyone was introduced and liked by Lovebug. The family vehicle was sandwiched between a lead/rear typical formation escort. A warning call was made to us, that another vehicle on the shoulder 10 miles ahead would join us in the rear position. We picked up the entire group and proceeded without incident to our destination.When we arrived we were met by yet more members of TO-TO and SH-OTO Chapters and set up a quick photo op  by a hand carved eagle. The following Chapters were represented as follows: 2 S.MD, 12 MID-MO, 4 TO-TO, 1 SH-OTO. A total of 19 BACA in place for one reason Lovebug’s Security.This was the first BACA supported event at this  County Government Center “Justice Center”. The Courthouse security were very pleasant men respecting our presence, allowing us freedom, and respected our dress code including our cuts. RATCHET stated cuts were not allowed in any of the other court houses they had ever been in. Lovebug’s Mom stopped cold in her tracks stating to me (Wizard) that the grandparents would snatch Lovebug . I made eye -to -eye contact and guaranteed their safety, She instantly relaxed her face, took a breath and entered the courthouse.The BACA two -person security details rotated every 15 mins. outside, keeping the grandparents car, part of the routine. Courthouse security allowed this without undue interference. The temperature was dropping, very cold, misting, rain, sleet turning into snow, this being said the rotating two person teams seemed to keep going. “GREAT JOB” MO. BACA!A short summary on the Court Hearing. Two female children were involved, first Angel who testified with a 39 min DVD (prior) interview, and Lovebug, our BACA child who was very frightened to testify properly, because she was facing the perp. The position of the chair was the most direct eye contact arrangement one could imagine, VERY INTIMIDATING.Love bug also has a (prior) interview DVD. The DVD’s are now a part of the Court to be used when this comes to trial (date unknown). This may sound cut and dry but many hours took place, waiting, as Lovebug and Parents were behind closed door meetings. The court process was over but the many meetings proceeded. Frog offered thanks to our Mo. Brothers and Sisters and was concerned about everyone and the weather, offering any of them that needed to, the chance to head home before the weather turned worse as predicted. NO, not no thanks, FLAT OUT NO! These BACA brothers and sisters were committed to the end of this mission, including return escort. When we finally did depart the courthouse, the Detective in charge went with us to the family vehicle to be 100% certain, that empty grandparent’s car did not have any unseen issues erupt from our concerns. He thought it would be better if he would handle things as a cop rather than bikers handle things as bikers. This was uneventful, but we were well prepared for the unseen.The escorted family wanted to get out of Missouri and get home, a very long journey.Frog and Wizard were finally sitting on the hotel parking lot, from the snow/ice covered roads hour long trip back from the court house. Reaper and Caveman invited us for dinner and a few brews. Needless to say we were stressed, sleep deprived, hungry as hell and flat out to tired, time to catch some sleep time. SAY WHAT!  We meet Ratchet, Caveman, Reaper and his wife Navigator, yet another B.A.C.A. Member. We enjoyed the friendship and Brotherhood, a fine meal and adult drinks. A great end to a great cause knowing we can sleep in tomorrow, OH RIGHT! Alarm set for 03:30? We had to drive to the airport, turn in the car, board plane 05:30. SLEEP??????? Frog needed beauty sleep for sure but I do not think there will ever be enough time to help him for this!

My thanks to Frog, executing the many, many issues (adventures) we encountered while traveling, the many flight transfers, gate changes, and weather delays, we were getting down to the wire thinking will we make the 1pm court time? I can truly state that Frog and Wizard were prepared to grab that rental car, (-1 degrees) and drive straight to court, escorting the family safely there.

Frog, Wizard returned safely by plane and to their home base area around 3:30pm Thursday.  Lovebug and her parents arrived home safely as well. Keeping Frog updated on their status and whereabouts.

Fraternally and Respectfully Submitted,



               April 21, 2015 B.A.C.A. Protecting Children in Cecil County, MD.



   May 8, 2015 State of Maryland’s Recognition to B.A.C.A.

May 8, 2015 Governor Award to B.A.C.A.

May 8, 2015 Governor Award to B.A.C.A. Annapolis, Maryland

Governor's Office Of Crime Control & Prevention to B.A.C.A.

Governor’s Office Of Crime Control & Prevention to B.A.C.A.

State of Maryland Office of the Governor to Bikers Against Child Abuse

State of Maryland Office of the Governor to Bikers Against Child Abuse


June 25, 2015 Maryland State Attorney Assoc.

Summer Conference Ocean City, Maryland

Maryland State Attorney Assoc. Summer Conference

Maryland State Attorney Assoc. Summer Conference




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