Chesapeake Bay Region Chapter

President  Riff

Vice President  Crusher

Secretary  Pebbles

Treasurer  Hokie

Sergeant at Arms Sketcher

Helpline: 410-212-9642


Mailing address:
B. A. C. A. Chesapeake Bay Region
PO Box 684
Centreville, MD  21617

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Region meets once every month. Please call (410) 212-9642 for time and location.

See This Child

See this child before you

Wounded…… vulnerable….. changed

The child of yesterday gone forever.

Who will really look at this child?

Is it easier to assume…. He will emerge unscathed….

Than to face the turmoil with him?

Who will step into the road…. Before this child

Laden with mountains & valleys, potholes & detours?

Who will walk a bit of his journey with him?

Who will offer temporary shelter………….

From the storms which rage around and within this child?

Who will open doors that this child cannot see through his pain?

Who will listen to what this child is really saying……..

When he is belligerent, when he is too shy to speak, when his laughter masks his fears?

Who will help this child to recognize his successes, and give him the courage

To step beyond his failures with dignity?

Who will be with this child on the other side of healing

As he recognizes his growth and acceptance! ! ! !